Responsibilities of a Chow Chow owner

Being owned by Chow Chow isn't only a privilege, but a responsibility. 

Puppies are not accessories that can be thrown aside and forgotten when they are big. But companions that need love, care and devotion. The bond between an owner and his Chow Chow can be stronger than ever imagined. And, for many their Chowdren are simply family members whose needs are equal to theirs.

However dog ownership also brings its own responsibilities:

  1. Keep your companion for life. After all, this Chow Chow will be part of your family. Would you get rid of your children when you get tired of them?
  2. Take care of your Chow , as he cannot take care of himself.  Besides food, water, exercise and regular grooming ... Care includes flea, ticks and parasite control.    
  3. Always keep an ID tag on your dog.  Many people think that ID tags are unnecessary if their Chow Chows are microchipped. This is not true. If a lost dog is wearing collar ID and is found by a member of the public, it can be reunited with its owner without going to the SPCA or vet to be scanned for a microchip.          
  4. Spay and Neuter.  This will prevent unwanted babies, reduce the chance of developing prostatic and mammary cancers and reduce behavioral problems like urine marking, roaming and fighting.         
  5. Socialization of Chow Chows is very important. Teach your dog to cope and behave well in the human world.  You should include your dog in your family activities inside or outside your house.  Allow them to have regular contact with other humans and dogs or join a socialization class! The earlier your Chow starts training ...the better!

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